Relax with a great book - A single thread by Marie Bostwick

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

I stumbled upon a fantastic book last week – a single thread by Marie Boswick.  The novel gets my Quick Read Recommendation based on the following points:

1. It doesn’t make me work.  I read a LOT of non-fiction for work. For pleasure, I prefer to quickly lose myself in the pages.

2. I identify with the characters.  No gun-toting, psychotic  gals living to ride on the back of some guy’s Harley and get revenge on the cheerleader that dissed her a million years ago.

3. The main character is a woman at a cross-road who decides to risk all and follow her dream.

4. Emphasizes the complexity and beauty of female friendship.

5. Talks about real issues, such as breast cancer.

6. Has a touch of romance – without bodice ripping or millionaires who save the day.

7. Teaches me something new – in this book I learn about quilt making!

8. The book inspires me to try something new, to follow my dreams and to value the people in my life!

The author has based her novel in the fictional town of New Bern, Connecticut.  The people of the town, the quaint buildings and the eclectic shops have become quite real to me.  Evelyn runs away from her failed marriage and Texas and decides to open a quilting store on the cobbled streets of New Bern.  Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned, and her dream is dying. 

I’ll be checking out other books by Marie Bostwick, including  a couple more set in New Bern!  Grab this book, a cup of tea, cookies and a quiet space and lose yourself in this heart-warming adventure!

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