Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Funds Physical Therapy Equipment for Denton

Shore Rehabilitation at Denton added a highly versatile training machine to its collection of physical therapy tools thanks to a donation from the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

The Keiser® Infinity Trainer is a multi-functional machine that can be used to exercise any part of the body in a variety of ways. With two adjustable arms to accommodate high and low positions and an assortment of attachments, the equipment gives patients the ability to work on range of motion, strength training, building muscle and power training.

The Infinity Trainer uses air-pressurized resistance, which the physical therapist can adjust by one-tenth of a pound within a range from zero to 106 pounds.

“All of our patients use this machine,” says physical therapist Lamont Thompson, DPT. “It’s called an infinity trainer because what you can do with it is limitless. Patients can work their arms, legs or torso. They can walk forward, backward or laterally with resistance. We use it a lot for post-stroke rehabilitation, following total joint replacements and for sports-specific training. There’s rarely an hour that goes by when we don’t use this machine. We’re grateful to have it.”

Shore Rehabilitation at Denton located at 920 Market Street offers physical, occupational and speech therapy for children and adults. For more information, call 410-479-3300 or visit www.shorehealth.org/services/rehabilitation/index.shtml.

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